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About Lovers Rock Productions

Lover’s Rock Productions passionately focuses on social event and live music event design, planning, production, and execution.  

Smith Mountain Lake Live Music is a not-for-profit agency which performs musician booking services for local venues and promotes live music throughout Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding regions by means of traditional media, social media, and in-person events, to also include generous giveaways. 

Other services include website builds and maintenance, and social media management and marketing.


Our Artists

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We work with an extensive variety of talented Bands who love making and playing music professionally. With their signature sounds and musical intuitions, all of the Bands we partner with are some of the most well-renowned and well-respected performers in the industry. They’re focused, professional, and passionate performers who love to entertain.


The best way to describe the Musicians we work with is professionalism. Their deep and true love of music comes out in every tune they play and performance they put on.  It’s because of their exceptional commitment and invaluable experience that makes them perfect musical acts for any type of event.  Whether it's a solo, duo, or trio, you will not be disappointed!

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DJ Booth


We offer a wide network of professional Disk Jockeys who would love to bring life to your party!  They tailor their musical selection and lighting based on your preferences.

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