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Unpacked: The Jared Stout Band

Updated: Feb 24

By Sandra Aranegui

Photography by Cloud Bobby

From the rolling hills of Southwest Virginia emerges a musical force that's shattering boundaries and captivating hearts across the region. With a sound that blends country grit, rock 'n' roll swagger, and a touch of Appalachian soul, The Jared Stout Band has burst onto the scene over the last few years, leaving a trail of electrifying performances and impassioned fans in their wake. Hailing from humble beginnings, this tight-knit group of talented musicians has defied the odds and forged their path to regional stardom, redefining what it means to be a band from the heart of Virginia. Brace yourself for a musical journey like no other as we delve into the remarkable rise of The Jared Stout Band.

Jared Stout, the man behind the name:


In Jared's formative years, his mother played a pivotal role in fostering his love for music. He has fond memories of her singing all the time, creating a musical environment in their home. Her enthusiasm for music was infectious, as she encouraged Jared to join in and sing along with her.


Recognizing her son's talent and passion for music, Jared's mother actively supported and nurtured his musical abilities. She saw the potential in him and insisted that he showcase his talent in various ways. She pushed him to participate in talent shows, where he could share his voice and perform in front of an audience. This gave Jared valuable experience and helped build his confidence as a musician. 


Jared's mother also persuaded him to join the choir, recognizing the benefits of formal music education and the opportunities it would provide. Being a part of the choir not only allowed Jared to further develop his vocal skills but also exposed him to the discipline and teamwork involved in musical performances. It was through these experiences that Jared honed his musical abilities and developed a deep appreciation for the power of music to connect people.

Jared is grateful for his mother's unwavering support and belief in his musical talent.  Her support and guidance laid the foundation for his love and passion for music. Her influence not only shaped his musical abilities but also instilled in him the importance of pursuing his passions and embracing his talents. Her belief in him propelled him forward, giving him the confidence to make a meaningful impact through his art.


Prior to becoming a full-time musician, Jared spent a summer as a lifeguard (aquatic supervisor) at a special needs summer camp. Little did he know, it would lay the foundation for his deep empathy and sense of purpose in helping others overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. From there, he had the opportunity to work as an in-home caregiver, building meaningful connections with his clients and their families, witnessing daily struggles and triumphs firsthand. This experience reinforced his belief in the importance of providing specialized care and educational support for individuals with special needs, then leading to his 10-year career in special education within the school system.


Inspired by the strength and resilience of the individuals he had worked with, Jared found that music had a unique power to communicate and connect with people on a profound level. Jared's journey reflects the transformative power of personal experiences and the profound influence they can have on shaping one's passions and career choices.

The Band:


The Jared Stout Band is a musical force to be reckoned with, known for their distinctive blend of Appalachian Rhythm & Blues. With a lineup that includes Jared Stout himself on vocals, Robby Carden on harmonica and secondary percussion, Matt Brassington on lead guitar and backup vocals, Jeremy Price on drums, and Alex Gross on bass and backup vocals, this band creates a captivating musical experience.


Each band member brings their unique talents to the table, resulting in a harmonious fusion of country, rock, and soul. Jared Stout's smooth voice takes center stage, effortlessly conveying emotions that resonate with listeners. Robby Carden's harmonica adds a soulful touch, while his percussions add layers of rhythm to their sound. Matt Brassington's masterful guitar skills and backup vocals contribute to the band's dynamic melodies. Jeremy Price's thunderous drumming drives the rhythm forward, and Alex Gross's grooving basslines provide a solid foundation for the band's music.


The band's creative process is a whirlwind of inspiration and spontaneity. Ideas spring forth unexpectedly, and they seize those moments of unpredictability to craft their songs. Whether it's a few words sparking a melody or a tune evoking lyrical inspiration, the band members embrace the chaos of their creative process.


In the studio, the band strives to capture the essence of their music. They put in the hard work to refine their sound and create the best possible versions of their songs. It's a labor of love, as they harness their individual talents and collective energy to shape their music into something truly special.


When they take the stage, the Jared Stout Band loves to switch things up and keep their performances fresh. They thrive on the energy of the crowd and enjoy surprising their fans with new arrangements. They even welcome other musician friends to join them on stage, creating unique and unforgettable collaborations that infuse their live shows with a vibrant and ever-changing atmosphere.


While getting people to listen to their music beyond the shows can be a challenge, the band remains confident in their artistry. They believe in the power of their music to touch hearts and connect with listeners on a profound level. They understand that building a dedicated following takes time and patience, and they continue to pour their hearts and souls into every performance.


The Jared Stout Band's musical journey is fueled by their passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication. With their unique sound, they leave an indelible mark on the music scene, capturing the essence of their roots while pushing boundaries and embracing their own indelible musical identity.

"It takes 10 years to do this. Keep on," explained Jared when referring to the best piece of advice he'd been given regarding being a musician. He recalls Allan Jackson's experience of hitting it big after working at it for five years. He emphasizes that the best thing to remember is to have patience. 

The Jared Stout Band has currently released two albums: the self-titled "The Jared Stout Band," released in 2021, and "Heavy from the Sky," released in 2023. The band finds that the writing process evolves and improves over time as they strive to perfect their craft. The musicianship has also changed from their first album to their second. Jared reflects on how even the way the songs are played has transformed. For example, in the first album, the songs were more upbeat, whereas now they are performed a little more slowly during live shows. "Learning to be comfortable with your music is definitely a significant step," says Jared. 

The band's most popular song at the moment is "Cost," which is also their newest video release. Although the song was written many years ago, it remained shelved because it was deemed too slow.

However, the story behind it was compelling, and it happened to fit perfectly with the concept of a music video. Boss Motion Pictures produced the video and did an incredible job creating a visual narrative akin to a short film. 

Jared mentions that two of the band's original songs, "Cost" and "Rainbows," are frequently sung along to by fans. "It's exciting but also a strange feeling to know that people can take something you've created and make it a part of their personal lives," Jared says. "Rainbows" is also the band's favorite song to perform. 

The band has toured extensively, both locally and regionally, and recently made their international debut as a trio on the west coast of Ireland. The people they encountered were wonderful and deeply passionate about the music. The band members stood out as Americans, primarily due to the baseball caps they wore. The food they experienced was incredible, and the bars were vibrant, as everyone came together despite their backgrounds or origins. The trio's bond strengthened through the experience of traveling abroad, and they hope to embark on another journey as a full band very soon. 

As an opener, the band played at the "After Hours Series" with 38 Special, and were again invited to open for Little River Band, where they received a standing ovation from approximately 1,800 people. When asked about their favorite place to perform, they express that it could be anywhere as long as the audience enjoys the show.

The band's ultimate aspiration is to transform their passion for music into a thriving career. It has been their unwavering motivation since day one, fueling their relentless pursuit of success. The remarkable growth they have achieved in such a short period is nothing short of extraordinary. Each milestone reached and every hurdle overcome has propelled them closer to their dreams. 

As they eagerly look towards the future, there is an air of anticipation and excitement surrounding the band. Surprises and unexpected opportunities lie in wait, promising to unfold in the coming year. The band members are diligently working behind the scenes, crafting new music, refining their talents, and exploring uncharted creative territories. 

With unwavering determination and an insatiable hunger for artistic excellence, the band is poised to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the music industry. They understand that success is not merely measured by fame or fortune, but by the profound impact their music can have on the lives of others. 

As they continue to pour their hearts and souls into their craft, the band remains unyielding in their pursuit of greatness. They are ready to seize every opportunity, conquer new heights, and share their unique musical journey with the world. 

So, keep an eye out for what lies ahead, for the band's story is far from over. Brace yourself for the surprises, the melodies that will ignite your soul, and the moments that will leave you in awe. The curtain may be falling on this chapter, but the next one promises to be even more vibrant, audacious, and filled with the undeniable magic of The Jared Stout Band.

The band's show dates, music, and videos can be found anywhere music can be streamed and downloaded (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon), on YouTube, or their website,



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